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Advanced Real-time Monitoring RFID Technology Applied to High-Speed Can and Bottle Filling Lines

Date: February 27th, Wednesday

Time: 11:00 – 12:00pm EST/10:00-11:00amCST/8:00-9:00 am PST

Webinar Overview

To keep pace with consumer demand, beverage companies rely on automated, high-speed filling lines that operate at a blur in a continuous, non-stop process flow, producing upwards of 2,500 items per minute per line. The slightest problem on these automated lines such as a missing vent tube has a major operational impact. Learn how Dorcia Engineering deployed FEIG ELECTRONIC’S  High-Frequency RFID technology to monitor these lines to quickly identify a problem and maintain the highest uptime on these production critical machines to maximize production, reduce rework, and avoid product recall.

Participants will learn:

  • How a can and bottle manufacturer achieved significant improvements in collaborations and response time using the advanced monitoring solution
  • Understanding the how this advanced Vent Tube Detection System (VTDS) accurately and reliably detects vent tube malfunctions
  • Explore the future of RFID application in beverage filling

Presented By:

Grant Cook

President, Dorcia Engineering

Founded in 2009, Dorcia Engineering provides patented state of the art traceable components and systems to reduce waste and downtime associated with the filling process. Our full product line allows owners and operators to reliably and accurately detect malfunctions during the filling process.

We are proud partners with some of the largest food & beverage manufacturers in the world and are always working towards new and innovative solutions for all of our customers.

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