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Vendor Managed Inventory with RFID | FEIG ELECTRONICS

Vendor Managed Inventory with RFID

By Klaus Schoeke | Asset Tracking , Feig Electronics

Consumer expectations continue to change and evolve. Customers are demanding more personalized products and services, faster delivery and simpler ordering processes. The key to meeting – and exceeding – customer expectations is vendor managed inventory (VMI)     . By taking responsibility for maintaining inventory control on behalf of distributors and retailers, the vendor greatly increases the […]

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Missing Link to iOT Computing: Rain RFID

By Klaus Schoeke | Asset Tracking

Recently Mike Harbina, vice president of FEIG Electronics Inc, presented at the ID TechEx Internet of Things Applications conference.  Feel free to download a copy of the presentation “The Missing Link to IOT Computing: RAIN RFID” on Slideshare. After decades of use, RFID is going mainstream and expanding beyond the realm of tightly controlled applications […]

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A Milestone in Document Tracking by SmartTrac

By Klaus Schoeke | Asset Tracking , RFID

Managing digitized documents is easy: professional users can choose from a variety of solutions. But when it comes to original paper documents, the situation is much more challenging. That’s why SMARTRAC, document tracking specialist RFIDTraxx and reader manufacturer FEIG ELECTRONIC have developed an RFID-based solution to streamline this often cumbersome “paperwork”. There still is a […]

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FEIG Electronics Brings Novel Design to RFID Reader for Library Management

By Klaus Schoeke | Asset Tracking

ATLANTA — April 8, 2014 — Today FEIG Electronics, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas, launched the OBID i-scan® PRH200 Blade Handheld Reader designed for the library market and other on-shelf radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking applications. This ergonomically designed EPC HF RFID reader delivers excellent read reliability with a high-performance antenna […]

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