FEIG Electronics Brings Novel Design to RFID Reader for Library Management

ATLANTA — April 8, 2014 — Today FEIG Electronics, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas, launched the OBID i-scan® PRH200 Blade Handheld Reader designed for the library market and other on-shelf radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking applications. This ergonomically designed EPC HF RFID reader delivers excellent read reliability with a high-performance antenna […]

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5 Resources to Get RFID Tracking Software Development on Track

Adoption of RFID technology has spread across a wide range of industries because it provides a reliable, efficient, and easy to use method to track assets throughout their lifetime. Applications for RFID tracking are nearly limitless, and as such, there are a multitude of different configurations and operating systems preferred by RFID reader users. FEIG […]

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Beyond the security door: RFID technology for access control and security

While the use of RFID readers has become commonplace for securing building entry across a wide range of industries, RFID technology is not just for door control any more. Physical security needs are constantly changing and RFID tags and readers have evolved to meet those needs in a range of access control applications. The versatility […]

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FEIG Electronics Expands North American Operations For RFID

Today FEIG Electronics, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas, announced the expansion of its U.S. operations and relocation of the company’s North American headquarters. A pioneer in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology with more than 40 years of electronics experience, FEIG is one of just a few suppliers worldwide with the capability […]

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Contactless Commerce Enables a World of Possibilities

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers don’t want to slow down to pay for purchases. Fortunately, they don’t have to, thanks to contactless commerce systems based on near-field communications (NFC) technology. NFC is a high-frequency wireless technology that enables nearly instantaneous mobile payments at short-range distances using contactless cards, mobile phones and RFID systems. There are […]

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RFID technology and the quest to improve patient care.

  FEIG Electronics and our partners provide state-of-the-art RFID technology solutions designed for a number of healthcare applications. Following are the primary applications where RFID is being adopted: Patient Safety Applications Patient Tracking Safety Indicators Patient Safety Reporting Systems Medical Devices RFID Tags for Medical Devices Medical Tool Tracking Endoscope Reprocessing Tracking Surgical Stints Inventory […]

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