LRU1002 Software Update | FEIG ELECTRONICS

Increased sensitivity and a wide range of innovative possibilities in using the UHF Long Range Reader ID ISC.LRU1002

By Klaus Schoeke | Access Control , Feig Electronics , RFID

FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH is pleased to announce hereby the availability of the new firmware version 01.06.00 for the RAIN RFID Long Range Reader ID ISC.LRU1002. The new firmware equips the reader with a significant increase in receiver sensitivity and a variety of innovative features. Through an optimal price-performance ratio the reader with integrated 4-port antenna […]

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AmaTech Group Uses cVEND to Showcase Variety of Payment Products

By Klaus Schoeke | Contactless Payment System , Feig Electronics

At the Money20/20 conference this month, AmaTech Group will rely on just one contactless reader solution to demonstrate the readability of all their payment objects. FEIG Electronics’ cVEND contactless payment terminals will be set-up in the AmaTech booth to read EMV Contactless cards, wristbands, tickets and other contactless payment products. In addition to demonstrating typical […]

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What Does PCI Certified Mean?

By Klaus Schoeke | Contactless Payment System , Feig Electronics , RFID

  FEIG’s cVEND contactless payment terminals recently received certification from the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Organization for compliance with the PCI 4.0 PIN Transaction Security (PTS) standard, as a Secure Card Reader (SCR). cVEND complies with existing SRED (Secure Reading and Exchange of Data) open protocol, the foundation for secure point-to-point encryption. cVEND […]

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Vendor Managed Inventory with RFID | FEIG ELECTRONICS

Vendor Managed Inventory with RFID

By Klaus Schoeke | Asset Tracking , Feig Electronics

Consumer expectations continue to change and evolve. Customers are demanding more personalized products and services, faster delivery and simpler ordering processes. The key to meeting – and exceeding – customer expectations is vendor managed inventory (VMI)     . By taking responsibility for maintaining inventory control on behalf of distributors and retailers, the vendor greatly increases the […]

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New Terminal series for secure, contactless Payment and Ticketing

By Klaus Schoeke | Contactless Payment System , Feig Electronics

Whether in London, Paris or Berlin. No passenger of Tube, metro, subway or buses has to bother in the future with non-transparent tariffs of local transport companies and seek for a ticket before beginning the journey: It is enough to hold the own contactless credit card in front of the reader at the entrance or the validator in the vehicle and the best fare is booked and billed. For that FEIG Electronic presented at the UITP World Congress in Milan a complete product family of payment terminals. The cVEND series, developed and approved according to the latest security standards, supports both credit […]

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